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What We Offer

Applying to graduate schools may be extremely stressful. Prospect students should prepare and submit huge documents set to the admission committee. Among them, the most important one is a personal statement, which states all your achievements, motivation, and academic and career goals. 

Whether you are applying to graduate school, Master’s, or Ph.D. program, our personal statement editing service will help you to score your acceptance goal. 

The services we provide include:

  • Personal Statement Editing – we will correct minor mistakes and also edit personal statement to optimize the format, structure, and style;
  • Personal Statement Proofreading – we are correcting all the mistakes like grammar ones, typos, and punctuation to perfect your final paper; this option is ideal for native English speakers who have experience with writing such a document;
  • Personal Statement Review – our clients may choose the option to send us the document, and our experts will provide some comments indicating room for improvement. Professional help with personal statements could increase your chances of being accepted. Due to broad experience, experts are knowledgable of what admission office expects.

Personal Statement Edit Tailored for Your Specialty & University

Our professional personal statement editing service will help with admission tailored exactly to your desired school, college, or university. Whether you require dental school personal statement editing services, medical school personal statement editing services, or, say, residency personal statement editing services, we have experts who specialize in both programs. 

Other popular requests are from prospective students who wish to enroll in the following studies:

  • Law school
  • Business
  • Economics 
  • Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Biology 
  • Psychology

By your request, we also help to prepare a personal statement for the studying institution of your choice, considering the particular requirements of the college or uni. 

Our customers, who chose the top university like Stanford, UCLA, New York University, understand the importance of the motivation to be presented to the admission board. While ordering our service, provide detailed information about the institution and program of your choice. 

We will then tailor your personal statement according to the specific college or university requirements. 

Entrust Your Personal Statement Review to a Real Expert

The experts in our team have proven their professionalism through years of working as personal statement editors. We hire the best writers and working only with proven experts in the niche.

All editors and proofreaders are native English speakers from the USA, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. They are highly qualified and acquired degrees in Masters or Ph.D. programs from top universities. 

Due to their degree and qualification, our experts help to prepare astonishing personal statements that strike customers’ target programs.

Our customer support representatives are always here to communicate. The service provides support through chats, emails, and phone calls at any time of a day. 

The most efficient way is to write a short request like edit my personal statement in our chat form. The company representative will reply immediately and assign your project to the qualified expert.

Measure Our Work Based on Our Clients’ Feedback

“Your editing service has made my personal statement much better and has given me the chance to enroll in the Mechanical Engineering program! I cannot thank you enough for the great customer service experience. You’ve managed to help me just in one day as my submission deadline was very close. Thank you again!’

“I have used EssayEditor services two times now when applying for my Bachelor’s and Master’s, and both times I got accepted right away. Thanks for the exceptional work with my personal statement proofread!”

“Working with the service has been a great experience. I wrote my personal statement but was worried about submitting it. I needed someone else’s opinion. I felt it was not compelling enough. But in the end, after ordering a personal statement review, I understood it wasn’t so bad. You guys have just improved my intro and ending, and I was confident to submit. Also, the Support Staff has helped very fast. Best law school personal statement editing!

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