Proofreading Services Review – the Truth About Academic Editing Niche

Unbiased Editing and Proofreading Services Review

Choosing a proofreading service for your academic writing may be trickier than it seems. Even though there are tons of services available just by simple google search, it is hard to find a trustworthy one. Many of them provide “happy clients’ reviews” on their sites, but those are not necessarily real comments. 

It’s essential to choose a company that will serve you with a high-quality final paper. If you aren’t picking carefully, you might get a result that won’t be worth a good grade. 

Our experts from Essay Editor placed orders at the list of such online companies to write honest proofreading services reviews. It was quite a surprise that most of the documents we received back needed further editing and plagiarism checks. 

Besides, many services sent way too many unnecessary follow-up e-mails and spammed us with their newsletters.

Below are the 13 honest proofreading service reviews written by our experts after a quality check of the final papers they provided.

Scribendi Review 

Location: Canada

Years in the field: 22 

Our rating: 5/10

The main focus of the company is editing and proofreading academic and business-related papers. The service provides a special Scribendi coupon with Scribendi discount code up to 5% to the new customers.

Scribendi Pricing

The minimum price per 1000 words (completed within one week) – $ 27,77 

The maximum price per 1000 words (completed within 4 hours) – $ 62,21

Other services they provide:

  • Manuscript Editing
  • Manuscript Proofreading
  • Query Package Creation
  • Resume Editing
  • Personal Document Editing

We ordered the admission essay editing service, which consists of 878 words and was written by a non-native English speaker. 

For this service, with the completion term within 24 hours, we paid $ 29,72.

Scribendi Quality 

We received the paper with many remaining grammar mistakes and misspelled words, even though Scribendi reviews on site are all positive. The final result wasn’t satisfying. In the one-page document, there were three mistakes. Scribendi reputation is pretty keen on the market, and we expected to get an utterly error-free essay.

Scribendi Order Processing and Delivery

The ordering process is conducted through completing a simple four steps and wasn’t complicated, but the problem with timing occurred in the end. We placed the order within 24 hours, and the delivery took nearly two days.

Edubirdie Review 

Location: the USA

Years in the field: 5 

Our rating: 5/10

The company proposes not only editing of existing materials but also writing an academic work from scratch. There are writers’ rating statistics on the site, of course only positive, but Edubirdie reviews on the other websites made us doublecheck the service.

Edubirdie Pricing

Starting from 18 $ per essay page (7 $ for dissertation)

Maximum: 35 $ per essay page

Other services they provide:

  • Essay Writing Help
  • Research Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Coursework 
  • Case Study
  • Dissertation

To write an Edubirdie review, we placed the order of editing a student essay on the Health topic. For the work of the 2-page document, we paid $ 36.

Edubirdie Quality 

The main problems remained after getting it back were poor structure and no conclusion. When people search about Edubirdie, the most popular requests are “is edubirdie legit,” “is edubirdie legal,” or “edubirdie cheating.” That shows a lot. 

They are good with advertising, stating their service provides academic writing and a wide range of subjects. The reality is that they are not knowledgeable in many fields mentioned. Their marketing team earns them plenty of orders, but the works they had written contain plagiarism.

From other customer reviews, we saw that a few people were caught using Edubirdie services as there was plenty of plagiarism in dissertations.

Edubirdie Order Processing and Delivery

The ordering process is three-phased and was quite satisfying. Edubirdie also delivered the essay on time, but with the remaining problems listed above.

Scribbr Review 

Location: the Netherlands

Years in the field: 7

Our rating: 4/10

The main focus of the service is editing academic works.

Scribbr Pricing

Starting from 23 $ per 1000 words for editing (1-week delivery)

Maximum: 31 $ per 1000 words for editing (24 hours delivery)

Customers may also use a Scribbr coupon code

Other services they provide:

  • Plagiarism check
  • Citation Generator

We used the service for editing poorly written text – Scribbr writers worked on a doctoral proposal. And we had to revise the editor’s work afterward. We paid $ 186 for the job, then forwarded our complaints to the company, and they were ready to refund about 30% off. 

Scribbr Quality 

Our experience with the service showed that clients most likely will require extra editing after turning to Scribbr. 

We cannot recommend the company, and it is hard to answer the question is Scribbr legit as an editing service.

Scribbr Order Processing and Delivery

Although the ordering went fast and smooth, when we emailed the complaint, they offered to provide another review, but it would take seven days. There were a lot of remaining mistakes, especially with the use of past tense and anthropomorphisms. 

These were the points that must be thoroughly checked in this type of works. Overall, we are not happy about the service they provided. The positive side is fast Customer Support answers.

ServiceScape Review 

Location: the USA

Years in the field: 15

Our rating: 3/10

ServiceScape is a marketplace for online services and e-commerce. Basically, it is a freelance network.

ServiceScape Reviews on Pricing

Editing services price varies from freelancer to freelancer. Here is the typical description of one of the profiles on the site:


4-Day Delivery – $ 9.95 per page (from 10 To 120 Pages)

Next-Day Delivery – $ 12.95 per page (maximum of 30 Pages)

2,044 ServiceScape Client Reviews

83,411 Pages Edited

Joined 11 Years Ago

Credentials Confirmed

We ordered academic writing editing services of the paper on Business-related subject. For the 5-page document, we paid about $ 67.

ServiceScape Quality 

The editing process and the result was not satisfying. Moreover, afterward, we noticed suspicious activity from the bank card we paid for the editing. It seemed like someone was trying to make an online payment from the card. Therefore, we wouldn’t call the service a trustworthy one.

ServiceScape Order Processing and Delivery

We placed the order, and the editor was assigned right away. She provided the paper on time, but the quality was very low. Actually, no proper editing was provided. 

Still, the biggest issue with the service is payment security. Thus, we rank the network only 3/10.

Enago Review 

Location: the USA

Years in the field: 14

Our rating: 2/10

The company is focused on editing services, has many branches and related websites.

Enago Reviews on Pricing

Starting from $ 70 per 1000 words for editing (6 days delivery)

Maximum: $ 144 per 1000 words for editing (1-day delivery)

Surprise for the customer! Plagiarism check is not included in services and costs an additional $ 100

Other than editing and proofreading:

  • Publication Support Services
  • Translation Services

Our order was 2053 words paper editing service of the economics-related essay. We paid $174 (3 days delivery without plagiarism check). 

Enago Quality 

The site of the service itself wasn’t promising. The sections are poorly organized, and pictures of the editors look like taken from image stock. The biggest Enago scam is in the pricing. 

They state that all services are included and then leave you without a plagiarism report, asking for the additional payment for this. As a result, most of the customers leave Enago editing complaints on the reviews site. 

We also need to mention a high plagiarism level, maybe because we didn’t order this service from scratch, so they didn’t take time to check and improve it.

Enago Order Processing and Delivery

As the site is poorly organized, the client won’t be able to find the ordering section easily. The delivery happened 10 hours after the promised three days.

Editage Review

Location: they have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Japan, China, etc.

Years in the field: 17

Our rating: 3/10

The primary services are related to academic writing, editing, and proofreading.

Editage Reviews on Pricing

For the dissertation/thesis

Min: 1501-5000 words – $ 74

Max: 30,001 words and above – $ 870

Editage coupon doesn’t exist, but they propose 15% off on their Advanced Editing and 10% off on Premium Editing Service

Other than editing:

  • Publication Support
  • Translation Services
  • Literature Search
  • Book Editing

We placed the order for the dissertation thesis editing to get some Editage insights. The document is 6000+ words, so we paid $ 205.

Editage Quality 

Our insights on the Editage editing show the careless regard to grammar and structure. The quality of the final thesis didn’t change much, as all they did was proofreading instead of editing. They removed misspells, but grammar remained the same. There were almost zero propositions on how to improve the writing.

Editage Order Processing and Delivery

The company’s website is a little messy. When we just entered, many windows popped-up, like price off proposition, chat window, cubicle with the support phone number that closes some info about them. Therefore, the ordering process is not as easy as you don’t know where to look. The delivery time was two days past the initial deadline, which says a lot.

EssayEdge Review

Location: the USA

Years in the field: 7

Our rating: 5/10

It is specialized in academic papers editing for many graduate programs and subjects.

EssayEdge Reviews on Pricing

Proofreading: starts from $ 69

Proofreading and Editing: starts from $ 149

Premier (with other features): from $ 379

The site has a special section for Medical field papers.

EssayEdge coupons can be found on specialized discount sites. The highest discount is $ 20 off with a unique code.

Our order was Mathematics research paper editing. We also paid for the Premium option, $ 425 in total.

EssayEdge Quality 

The quality of the research was satisfying enough (maybe because we turned with calculations). EssayEdge found a few mistakes in the mathematical model the paper was based on. Other Essay Edge reviews from customers are mostly positive due to the qualification of the editors. The problem appeared when we tried to ask additional questions after one week of getting the paper. 

The Premier status of our order must have included two weeks of follow up support. For the answer, we waited more than one day, which may be crucial for some customers due to academic deadlines. 

EssayEdge Order Processing and Delivery

The site looks pretty modern, and there is not much unnecessary info. Navigation through the services is good, so there was no problem with ordering. Delivery also happened on time, but we had to remind the customer support several times that we are premium members, as the communication was taking longer than promised.

ProofreadingPal Review

Location: the USA

Years in the field: 10

Our rating: 4/10

It is specialized in proofreading services for academic papers.

ProofreadingPal Reviews on Pricing

There is no information about their rates on the site. ProofreadingPal proposes to call their support for the estimates.

The info about timing and word count:

The fastest: 30-60 minute turnaround: Maximum of 800 words

The longest: 7-day turnaround: Maximum of 50000 words

Specific services:

  • Business Papers Proofreading
  • Resume Proofreading
  • Book and Manuscript Proofreading

We didn’t find a ProofreadingPal coupon, but there was a 10% off sale with the countdown of minutes when it ends.

The order from the ProofreadingPal was an essay on the Asian Culture studies. For the 1250 words, we paid $ 45.

ProofreadingPal Quality 

The service included grammar, punctuation, and misspellings correction. The final document was not good, there were remaining mistakes including the one in the name of the Chinese city. 

ProofreadingPal Order Processing and Delivery

The ordering process gave a headache. While most of the services provide the pricing info right on the section of the site, this company made us call, wait on the line, and talk to the customer service. 

We also asked the support about ProofreadingPal coupon, and the answer was that they have already estimated the price with a 10% discount for us. Although placing the order is not easy, the delivery happened before the deadline. One more issue is that there were many unnecessary follow-up emails afterward.

Wordvice Review

Location: they have the U.K. and a few Asian offices

Years in the field: 7

Our rating: 2/10

The main focus is on academic editing service.

Wordvice Reviews on Pricing

Wordvice count prices per word, the client may choose:

Standard Academic Editing Service – $ 0.04 per word

Premium Academic Editing Service – $ 0.105

Two-Person Premium Academic Editing Service – $0.135

Other services:

  • Journal Manuscripts
  • Graduate Admission

We’ve placed the order for the college admission essay. The payment for the Premium editing option was $ 105.

Wordvice Quality 

By the “Wordvice review scam” search, we found many comments on the drawbacks in their work. Some clients and employees state that the service hires non-native English speakers. For example, they have Korean editors onboard. That explains the low quality of the provided essay. The grammar mistakes remained untouched.

Wordvice Order Processing and Delivery

The site is not user-friendly, webinar advertisement popped up while entering the service site, some buttons are not clickable, even though it seems like they should be. Thus, the ordering process wasn’t easy or pleasant. Although the delivery happened on time, Wordvice service spammed us with the emails after we finished working with them.

DLA Editors Review

Location: the USA

Years in the field: 11

Our rating: 1/10

Specialized in academic, business, and writers editing and proofreading.

DLA Editors Reviews on Pricing

There is no possibility to indicate the lowest and highest prices as DLA Editors service has its counting system with no explanation beforehand. The weirdest point is that prices don’t change any matter what field you indicate. Even DLA editors coupon for 10% provided right on the site didn’t adjust total payment.

Anyways, here are the parameters for our orders (not changeable ones):

Project Type: Research Proposal

Word count: 750

Express delivery

10% First-Time Client Discount 

Total: $ 79

DLA Editors Quality 

The overall impression could be expressed in a straightforward question “how is it possible?” The company didn’t estimate the price according to our criteria, and also asked for several days’ delay to provide our document. 

The reason they stated for the delay is their high season, even though we paid for the fast delivery. 

DLA Editors Processing and Delivery

The services’ site is ancient, so the order process was weird in terms of not adjustable prices, even though they propose different features. The delivery was postponed for more than a week.

Wise Essays Review

Location: the USA

Years in the field: 3

Our rating: 4/10

The primary service of the company is academic writing. Proofreading and editing are additional services.

Wise Essays Reviews on Pricing

The different pricing applies for every type of work, but doesn’t say is it per work/one sheet/amount of symbols.

For example (the * sign doesn’t explain how the price is calculated):

Editing Service $ 7.16*

Research paper $ 11.96*

Statistics project $ 13.56*

Scholarship essay $ 16.36*

Additional services:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Group Projects
  • Math/Physics/Chemistry problems

The discount is a one-time offer: 11% discount with the code provided on the site.

Our order included 5-paged article editing. We paid $ 64 after a discount.

Wise Essays Quality 

The quality of the final article was disappointing. Wise Essays did not polish mistakes but edited the conclusion pretty good. Although the Wise Essays reviews by students on the other sites were controversial – many of them have asked, “is wise essays legit?’ or ‘is wise essay reliable” – in our case, the final text was somewhat dissatisfying.

Wise Essays Order Processing and Delivery

Due to no explanation of the price count on the first page, it was challenging to understand how they estimated the order cost. The communication and delivery were adequate.

TopAdmit Review

Location: the Republic of Singapore

Years in the field: 10

Our rating: 2/10

The service has only three sections: Premium Essay Editing, Essay Review, and Essay Translation.

TopAdmit Pricing

Essay Review Only – from $ 59

Premium Editing – from $ 89

Essay Translation – from $ 79

We ordered the cheapest option, the essay review, which consists of only 800+ words, the price we paid – $ 62 (with a special TopAdmit coupon)

TopAdmit Quality 

As the company is located in Singapore, most of their employees are non-native English speakers. Although they claim most of the editors are from the US, we got the paper with the remaining grammar mistakes. The service price is not reasonably high, especially considering quality.

TopAdmit Order Processing and Delivery

The ordering and delivering process went well, but the quality is not the best.

Vappingo Review

Location: the U.K., Hong Kong

Years in the field: 5

Our rating: 5/10

The service has only three sections: editing, proofreading, and rewriting.

Vappingo Reviews on Pricing

Proofreading – from $ 0.020 per word

Editing – from $ 0.030 per word

Rewriting – from $ 0.055 per word

We ordered the editing service for the Western Literature-related academic article. Word count is about 3 200, so we paid $ 96.

Vappingo Quality 

Overall impression after working with the service is okay, especially in comparison with others. Still, in the article, we have found a few mistakes after editing.

Vappingo Processing and Delivery

Placing the order was quite easy, and the delivery happened following the promised deadline time. The biggest issue besides the remaining grammar mistakes was too many emails with the companies’ newsletters to which we didn’t even subscribe.

Our Thoughts on Academic Editing Services

After careful revision of the editing services niche, we can conclude that the companies we checked have their advantages and disadvantages. We aimed at providing objective feedback and shared our insights. 

Our service has professional editors who are surpassing the quality of the listed services in many ways. All writers are native English speakers with many years of experience in editing and proofreading. Our customer support is available any day and time of the week, and we keep the promise to our customers. 

Any of the organizations listed above did not pay us and didn’t try to agree with us in any other way. The main goal of this small investigation was to enhance transparency and the quality of the whole editing field.

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