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Scribendi Pricing

The minimum price per 1000 words (completed within one week) – $ 27,77

The maximum price per 1000 words (completed within 4 hours) – $ 62,21

Other services they provide:

  • Manuscript Editing
  • Manuscript Proofreading
  • Query Package Creation
  • Resume Editing
  • Personal Document Editing

We ordered the admission essay editing service, which consists of 878 words and was written by a non-native English speaker.

For this service, with the completion term within 24 hours, we paid $ 29,72.

Scribendi Order Processing and Delivery

The ordering process is conducted through completing a simple four steps and wasn’t complicated, but the problem with timing occurred in the end. We placed the order within 24 hours, and the delivery took nearly two days.

Scribendi Quality

We received the paper with many remaining grammar mistakes and misspelled words, even though Scribendi reviews on site are all positive. The final result wasn’t satisfying. In the one-page document, there were three mistakes. Scribendi reputation is pretty keen on the market, and we expected to get an utterly error-free essay.