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The statement of purpose is the most crucial assignment you will ever write. Create a document with our online essay editor, which will prove to the admission committee you are the strong applicant, the person that follows dreams and executes plans. 

Killer Statement of Purpose 

A statement of purpose (SOP) is an essay someone writes to be admitted to graduate school. This is one of the most important documents when applying for school, college, or university. 

This document is also at times called a cover letter, application essay, or personal statement. Although many prospective students are trying to find a difference in personal statement vs statement of purpose, this is just a different name for the same document, in general.

The admission office of the institution will decide whether or not you are an excellent fit for this program. They will look at your personality, background in studies, paying attention to what are your plans for the future. 

In the SOP you can prove yourself, show the best features, skills, and knowledge you have already acquired. That is why a statement of purpose editing is vital for everyone, who is serious about getting enrolled.

The work is challenging – future students have to plan how to present themselves from the best angle, highlight the most significant achievements of their lives. Not everyone has a talent for writing structured and also informative text.

Besides, many future students are not native English speakers applying for the English-taught course. We have reviewed and edited a huge amount of SOPs and know what it takes to get into the top schools. 

Our statement of purpose editing service will make your SOP clear, well-structured, and convincing.

Statement of Purpose Help for All Specialties and Complexity Levels

We are a professional team of writers, proofreaders, editors, and consultants for the student’s statement of purpose. We’ve been focused on the statement of purpose proofreading and composing help for many years. The services we provide are as follow:

  • Editing. We propose not only correction of mistakes and eliminating typos, but also graduate school statement of purpose editing to optimize the structure and overall quality of your SOP;
  • Proofreading. This service includes the correction of mistakes and is ideal on the stage of the final check-up on the text. We will correct the remaining errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation for perfecting your work;


  • Review. If you wrote and proofread the SOP, but still remain insecure about the final document, request experts’ assistance. You can send us the material, and we will add our comments indicating areas for improvement. A statement of purpose review is vital as a professional may see something you have missed and provide an important guideline. 
  • Consulting. Our admission specialist can guide applicants with a step-by-step program on how to prepare the most efficient statement of purpose. After communication with our expert, you will have a complete picture of how to formulate the ideas for the text.

We are helping with SOPs for any studying institution and level, whether it is college, graduate school, Master’s, MBA, or Ph.D. Our experts are proficient in many specialties. 

The most common requests we get are:

  • computer science statement of purpose;
  • statement of purpose for MBA;
  • engineering statement of purpose;
  • Ph.D. statement of purpose.

We may also help with the preparation of your statement of purpose for the specific university. For instance, some of the most common requests we get in this regard are “UCSD statement of purpose” and “Stanford statement of purpose.” 

Write us the name of your desired school and program, and we will help you to tailor your SOP according to the specific requirements. 

Essential Statement of Purpose Sections We Work With

It may be confusing which sections should be included and what should be the format of the statement of purpose. We propose the following structure:

  • Statement of purpose header – it should be clear which document the submission committee member holds in hands, so titling it as “Statement of Purpose” is necessary. 
  • Introduction – it should indicate the school and course you apply to, the reason for your interest and brief information about yourself
  • The main body – should be 4 to 6 paragraphs about your academic goals, career expectations, brief educational background, and relevant work or volunteer experiences in the chosen field
  • Conclusion – why you think you are the perfect fit for the course.

SOP Editing and Proofreading Experts

Below you will find the list of professionals we have in our team:

  • certified experts – we work with professionals who obtained the Masters or Ph.D. from the world’s top universities
  • native English speakers – our editors are only from English speaking countries as the US, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Australia
  • experienced editors – each of them has 2+ years of proven editing or proofreading experience 

Clients’ Feedback on Our Statement of Purpose Review

“Thank you for the detailed consultation! I got lost while thinking of what to include, what format of statement of purpose must be… In the end, with your help, the writing was flowing, and I got accepted where I always wanted!”

“Essayeditor helped a lot, and I thank all the specialists who communicated with me and guided me through. SOP editing was careful and efficient.”

“Thank you again! As English is my second language, I made many mistakes in my statement of purpose, but service Essayeditor proofread and corrected everything for me. I submitted my documents recently and waiting for the acceptance letter.”

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